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Paratronix V494 Parylene Conformal Coating System

Parylene: V494The Paratronix V494 Parylene Conformal Coating System is commonly used for parts that can be suspended or laid flat on a fixture during the coating process. Examples include electronic circuit boards, sensors, MEMS parts and surgical devices, to name a few. Services required are electrical power and ventilation supplied to the vacuum pump.

Included with System

• Solid State Cold Trap Chiller Assembly (no LN2 required)
• Pressure and Temperature Controls
• Vacuum Pump
• 25 Fixture Screens
• 18 inch x 28 inch chamber (316 stainless steel)
(Other chamber sizes are available upon request)

UL508A, NFPA79, CE & NFPA30 Compliant
Allow approximately 12 feet x 10 feet floor space

Purchase price of the machine includes a two-day training program (at Paratronix’s site) for up to three operators. The training program includes all aspects of installation, machine operation, and preventive maintenance. Onsite training is available upon request for an additional cost.

Minimum Space Requirements

Parylene: back of coating machineCoater Size: 8 feet long x 30 inch wide x 6 feet high

Generator Section
Vaporizor: dimer capacity - 525 grams
Pyrolysys: Tube: 3 inch x 56 inch long (quartz glass)
32 inch long, 2 zone

Coating Section
Chamber: 18 inch diameter x 28 inch high (Other sizes available upon request)
Coating fixture: 15 inch diameter x 26.5 inch high

Pumping Section
Cold Trap: Mechanical cascade refrigeration to -90 degrees C with stainless steel insert for easy cleaning.
Pump: Vacuum, mechanical, 2 stage, 21 CFM, 1.5 HP

separate and redundant automatic temperature controllers with thermocouples.
Vacuum: Automatic vacuum sensor with thermocouples and low vacuum alarm

Electrical Requirements
USA: 120/208 volt, 3 phase wye, 30 amp, 60 Hz.
Europe: 220/380 volt, 3 phase wye, 25 amp, 50Hz.

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